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Why Is PPC

Good For Your Business ?

Improved Traffic

Improved Traffic

It generates clicks for your website, instead of “earning” them. Such as the sponsored ads, we often see at the top of Google’s search results page, that’s pay-per-click advertising.

Improved Traffic

Brand Awareness

The branding awareness can be executed using a few steps, such as makes choosing you easier, show your potential customers, and makes it easy to be a loyal customer. Also, brand advertising via PPC impacts the bottom line.

Improved Traffic

Control on Advertising Budget

Define your daily or monthly budgets using PPC services and keep your costs down and never spend more. It can be set up at a campaign level so your lead generation campaigns can use a separate budget to your direct response adverts.

Improved Traffic

Better Marketing ROI

Get opportunities to increase revenue for your company as it is low-cost, a high-yield form of marketing, and useful for every business from a fresh start-up to an industry giant.

Improved Traffic

Expand Customer Base

PPC services help to expand your client base by including delivering prominent PPC services to them. As the focus is on the most relevant keywords and phrases that resemble the search queries of your target client base.

Improved Traffic

Enhanced Conversion Rates

It is an unbeatable digital marketing service for building a brand’s visibility and enhancing its conversion rates by using the process of keyword bidding for promoting your products and services on other websites.

PPC Services We Provide


Search Advertising

It is an easy and low-budget way to reach the right audience and lets you control who sees the ads with instant results. Such ads are displayed on websites, whenever a specific keyword or phrase is searched.


Display Advertising

It comes in various forms like banner ads, rich media, and more. It relies on elements such as images, audio, and video for communicating an advertising message.


YouTube Video Advertising

This type of advertising provides an affordable alternative to marketers as compared to TV ads as it can target people based on their recent Google searches.


Facebook Banner Advertising

It offers an advanced demographic targeting, cost-effective exposure, and business pages that helps to retain traffic as it studies user's details on its profile, so, targeting user's interest gets more prolific.


Facebook Video Advertising

The most effective advertising format that shows off your brand’s personality and connects the audience emotionally, along with keeping Facebook user's attention.


Linkedin Advertising

It is self-service solutions that let you begin a targeted campaign within minutes. You can set your budget, select clicks, and stop your ads anytime via Campaign Manager, LinkedIn's all-in-one advertising platform.

Why Opt For Our

PPC Services?

We’re Dedicated

D-Cor Techno offers dedicated services to all of our clients, along with the timely delivery of projects.

We’re Skilled

D-Cor Techno has over 20+ highly-skilled professionals who deliver optimum results.

We’re Flexible

D-Cor Techno has flexible working hours with a 24/7 support team to deal with your queries.

We Convert

D-Cor Techno converts your big ideas into reality that enhances your Business.